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7 Tips For Keeping Fit This Festive Season

To stay fit during the festive season, it is essential to have a plan and be creative with your exercise routine. Here are seven tips for keeping fit this festive season:

I. Set Realistic Goals

During this phase, attention should be on maintenance and not improvements. Sit down, create more realistic goals in case, you know that maintaining your existing exercise regime is out of question. Exercising less can be tolerated during the holiday period.Develop new physical activity traditions within your family. Family time is an enriching activity, you can do it by going to the outdoors for a walk, use of the stairs, park visits or you can get a workout buddy. To keep fit during festive period, you can incorporate incidental activity.
Have your meals and snacks ready to avoid overeating. Drinking water helps keep your body hydrated thus preventing overeating.

II. Get Your Family Moving

One of the ways to keep fit while celebrating is to develop new family traditions that involve moving your body. The act of exercising as a family is an enjoyable quality time that should be spent jointly. Try going on a walk, or a hike, or riding a bike together. If there is snow where you are, you can also try skiing, snowboarding, or Ice skating.Active games such as charades, Twister, and dance games should be done. Together with yoga and Pilates. Try to take part in a charity walk or run and also be part of the team in your local food banks or shelters. This is a wonderful way to give back to the society and have fun at the same time.
The fact that decorating of your home during holidays can be active family activity. Moreover, you can also attempt in making your own decorations like the wreaths or ornaments.The creation of new traditions that involve movements of bodies in the Christmas season may help you remain fit while bonding with your loved ones.

III. Be Creative with Your Exercise

An alternative way of staying fit during Christmas is creating new family traditions that involve moving your body. It is a lovely bonding time you can share with your family like taking a walk, hiking, or cycling. If it snows in your region, you can try skiing, snowboarding, and ice skating.You can play active games like charades, Twister, dance games or any other. You can also practice yoga or Pilates together. Participate in a marathon for charity or volunteer in a food bank or shelter.
IV. Plan Ahead

You can also plan your meals and snacks ahead of time so you do not over eat during this period. In addition it is necessary to select healthy options while avoiding excessive consumption of caloric food.Prepare your meals and snacks a week before, and make shopping list. As a result, this will enable you to avoid spontaneous purchases, making sure your fridge is packed with nutritious stuff. Go for snacks that are healthy such as the fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. They contain low calories yet are loaded with vital nutrients. Therefore, it is advisable to substitute these calories with water, unsweetened tea and low-energy beverages besides sugary drinks such as soda and juices. These drinks can be quite calorie-dense, despite lacking nutritional benefits.

V. Drink Plenty of Water

One needs to consume enough water for them to maintain good health, thereby reducing the likelihood of indulging too much. Dehydration may induce unclear thought processes, emotional changes, heat stroke, and constipation that can be prevented by drinking water. Moreover, taking up water instead of soda or sweet tea is a great way to manage one’s body weight while maintaining low-calorie.According to researchers taking up two glasses of water before your meal helps in controlling your appetite. As the water occupies more space in your stomach, the “I’m full” signals get passed to your brain quicker compared to when you drink water after the meal.

VI. Get Enough Sleep

Getting a good sleep at this time is very vital as people prepare for better health as well reduce the pressure felt during the festive season. Most adults should have about 7 to 8 hours of good-quality sleep each night on a regular schedule. To this end, it is advisable to develop a soothing bedtime ritual, such as reading a book, taking a hot shower or practising certain relaxation strategies. Engaging in physical exercise will likely aid with falling asleep at night. A balanced diet helps in the promotion of better sleep quality. This also means that, like caffeine, both substances can also interfere with your sleep. Taking long naps during the day can similarly interfere with nighttime sleep. Please do not perform any activities in your bedroom such as work or television, as this may disrupt your sleep.Relaxation of the environment for sleep is important for good sleep-quality.

VII. Be Flexible and Enjoy Yourself

Making realistic food plans and eating treats in small amounts is very vital for fitness and health during this festive season. However, one should not forget that Christmas is meant to be enjoyed, and therefore, a person can still take his or her favorite dishes. Plan your meals and snacks beforehand to avert eating unhealthy food more often. It would be wise to select healthier options such as fruits, vegetables, lean proteins and whole grains. These are also healthy and will keep you in shape. You can take some desserts occasionally. Enjoy them but remember that they should be in small bites. People should design realistic meals to enable them to enjoy their favorite meals while maintaining good health through their fitness programs throughout the festive period.

The Bottom Line

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