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Here are the 9 Things That Make 366A an Ideal Athletic Wear

Here are the 9 Things That Make 366A an Ideal Athletic Wear

Before discussing 366A Athletic Apparel & anything else, let us first look at the basics.

What is an Athletic Wear?

It is a kind of clothing that a person wears during sports or physical workouts. It provides extra comfort & safety to the body, making it feel at ease. Now, let us explain what features characterize perfect athletic wear.

What qualities should an ideal athletic wear have?

Perfect sportswear must possess the following attributes:


Make sure your sportswear is flexible enough for the training or exercise you have scheduled for the day. Ensure your activewear is tight enough and not too loose, depending on your workout. It needs to be open and flexible sufficient to allow for unrestricted movement.

Aids in injury prevention:

The right sportswear can reduce Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS). For instance, yoga and Pilates call for a greater range of motion; therefore, your sportswear should contain a higher percentage of elastane or another fabric with greater stretch to avoid resistance that could strain your muscles.

Keeps you dry:

Invest in some absorbent sportswear to avoid irritation or long-term illness. Suitable sportswear should be able to absorb your sweat to keep you motivated and your performance high when working out.


Yes, you need adsorbent gear, but you also need breathable clothing. Breathable activewear ensures that moisture will pass through the fabric or garment, making any strenuous activity you do more comfortable.

Enables quick recovery

The correct sportswear can help with post-workout muscular cramps and enhance recovery between exercises by supporting your muscles. The ideal activewear for you exerts just the appropriate amount of pressure to shield your muscles from stress and prevent damage to your tendons.

Better Blood Circulation:

Well-pressed sportswear helps to improve blood flow & circulation to the heart, which allows your heart to supply enough oxygen to your active muscles. This oxygen supply lowers soreness & tiredness and increases power, endurance & recovery.

Maintains body temperature

While working out or exercising, a cloth that absorbs moisture makes you feel heavy. Instead of making you feel heavy and damp, an excellent breathable fabric/material dries out your body fluids and leaves you feeling relaxed and dry. This feeling enables you to perform to your highest potential while regulating and maintaining your body temperature.

Boosts Confidence:

The fit and style of sportswear can increase your self-assurance, which helps you stay focused and motivated throughout an active day. Even if you don’t notice it, people often observe, and a smile of appreciation brightens your day and improves your performance.

Enhances efficiency:

Does your active wear while playing sports or games affect your performance? Then the answer is yes. They make a huge difference. Moreover, the fabric of the outfit plays a crucial role.

After reading this post, you must have clearly understood the athletic wear & the qualities it should include. Now the point of concern is-

Where can you find a sports outfit which fulfills the above criteria?

Do you have an answer? But we have, and it is none other than the 366A Athletic wear. Yes, you hear it right.

What is 366A Athletic Wear all about?

366A Athletic Wear – ‘To Embrace the Extraordinary.’ 

366A is a reputable & trusted athletic apparel brand that designs sportswear with unique designs & exceptional performance attributes for young athletes who dare to dream big & work tirelessly to turn their dreams into a reality.

So, we provide a mantra to extraordinary athletes to create a mindset to break barriers, overcome every obstacle, and manifest their most remarkable performance. This is what the mission of every team member at 366A Apparel is.

Are you ready to join the group of exceptional & extraordinary Athletes?

If you also have a mindset like those of the unique people working for 366A, get ready to reach higher heights in your sports career & deliver one of your best performances wearing this incredible athletic wear. Stop thinking; come forward to bring a change! Visit us today!

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